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Connecting You To Your Community

This section introduces you to local businesses and multiple ways to follow them.  We have put businesses Facebook pages along with Twitter, Yelp and Instagram so you can follow them. You can also use our data base.

Southend Seattle leads the world in creating investment vehicles to ensure that Black business are not dsiplaced and families can grow their net worth so they can thrive in Seattle.  Lean about CORD and local real estate trust that families pool thier investments and develop land.  Learn about tools to grow our local businesses.

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Find ways to connect with local thought and action leaders.  Click here to learn meet and engage many of awesome residents.

Donation goal

Black Family Leverage Fund

Donate to the worlds first fund that lends to families that have not invested in Real Estate in their own community. Funds will be used to loan to Black families so they can have access to buy property, create ownership and STOP displacement
Goal: $100,000.00
Collected: $0.00

Upcoming events


Support Ark Lodge by purchasing your John Lewis Good Trouble tickets by clicking Here

Fill out critical invest local survey here

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Southend Connect is working with the Ark Lodge to ensure that SE Seattle has a movie Theater.  Register for the John Lewis Movie here and follow Ark Lodge on Facebook to stay updated on how to support our local theater.


Have you ever watched Shark Tank?  Urban Impact a local nonprofit helps small business start-ups through its incubator program.  Graduates of the program each year get to do a pitch for money as SHARKS at the Beach.  Learn more here...

Mission of Southend Connect

Our first and only mission is to connect community residents to other residents and activities to enrich the lives of our whole community.  We are committed to stopping the alarming rate of displacement that is ravaging families who live in our community.  This is happening disproportionately to families of color and this site is one of many tools to stop this progression.   Partners  on this include........   Join us

How To Use This Site

This site is set up in three major sections: Buy Local, Invest Local and Connect Local.  In additional the top navigation bar will take you through multiple more areas of interest. Take time to learn who the thought and action leaders are in southeast Seattle .  Follow them on your Facebook or twitter feed.  Sign up on facebook/southendconnet and get multiple feeds through one entity.  Or sign up for our email newsletter.  We hope that you will make new friends and find new ways to get involved and  increase your impact on this community.

Rainier Valley Community Development Fund

Meet "Banker Bob" Luciano 

Executive Director

Bob is a south Seattle  resident and leads a nonprofit special loan fund for South Seattle businesses.  If your business is located in the area and needs a loan contact him at RVCDF.org.  

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